Unique and Original Cat O Five Tails Cat Toy


Cat O Five Tails – the ultimate interactive cat toy designed to bring out the playful side of your feline friend. Made & Designed in Australia.

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Crafted to captivate your feline friend’s wild instincts, the Unique and Original Cat O Five Tails Teaser is a mesmerizing plaything bound to provide hours of entertainment. This teaser combines the allure of real rabbit fur with a durable wood wand that’s built to withstand even the most vigorous play sessions.

The Cat O Five Tails Teaser design, has 3 leather tails attached to soft wire, and 2 rabbit fur tails, mimics the tantalizing movement of prey in the wild, igniting your cat’s natural hunting behaviour. Imagine the sheer delight as your kitty pounces, jumps, and stalks this interactive toy with unmatched fervour.

The soft wire attached to the wood wand allows for effortless movement, enabling you to animate the teaser like a real creature, enticing your cat to engage in a thrilling chase. The luxuriously soft rabbit fur and the supple leather tails provide tactile satisfaction for your furry companion, making this toy not only visually stimulating but also a joy to touch. As your cat bats and swats, experiencing the satisfying sound of the leather tails rustling, you’ll witness their predatory instincts coming to life in a safe and entertaining way.

Watch as your feline companion hones their agility and sharpens their reflexes with each playful interaction with the Unique and Original Cat O Five Tails Teaser. This engaging and Unique and Original Cat O’ Five Tails Teaser also serves as an excellent source of exercise, keeping your cat active and healthy. Strengthen the bond between you and your pet as you partake in this exciting game of cat and “prey,” creating cherished moments of shared joy.

Encourage your cat’s inner hunter to shine through with this thoughtfully designed Unique and Original Cat O Five Tails Teaser that promises endless amusement and enrichment for your beloved pet.

This Unique Teaser was designed and created many years ago for my own cats, and each cat that I have owned absolutely adores playing with it.