Emu Feather Teaser


This uniquely Australian Emu Feather Teaser, captures the essence of the Outback in each flick and flutter and resembles an emu in full run.


Imagine a lazy afternoon in the Australian Outback, the sun beating down on the red sands as kangaroos hop by. Your feline friend sits by the window, her eyes fixated on the vibrant colours just beyond her reach. Introducing our Emu Feather Teaser, the perfect toy to bring a taste of Australia into your cat’s playtime.

These uniquely Australian Emu Feather Teaser Toys with Real Emu Feathers capture the essence of the Outback in each flick and flutter. The feathers, measuring a generous 15-20cm in length, create mesmerizing movements that will keep your cat entertained for hours.

To heighten the playtime experience, our cat teasers come in a variety of bright colours that mirror the breath-taking hues of the Australian landscape. From deep reds reminiscent of Uluru to vibrant blues like the Great Barrier Reef, these eye-catching teasers are visually stimulating for both you and your cat.

But our commitment to detail doesn’t end there. Each cat teaser is adorned with beads that perfectly match the colours of the feathers, adding an extra touch of elegance to the toy. Your cat will be enthralled by the combination of sight, sound, and texture as she bats and pounces on this engaging toy.

So, bring a piece of the Australian wilderness into your home with our Cat Teaser Toy with Real Emu Feathers. Watch as your feline companion pounces and plays, captivated by the movement of the feathers and the vibrant colours. Give your cat the gift of a cat toy that not only entertains but also connects her to the unique beauty of Australia.