Floating Illusion Collar for Naked Cats


Crafted to adorn your feline companion with elegance, our Illusion Collar features ‘floating’ Czech glass pearls & crystals, and lustrous freshwater pearls

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Imagine your feline friend adorned in elegance and style with our elegant and unique Floating Illusion Collar for Naked Cats. Picture three delicate strands of shimmering adornments gracefully floating around your sphynx or other hairless cat’s neck. Each collar is meticulously crafted, incorporating a harmonious blend of glass pearls, Czech crystals, and lustrous freshwater pearls.

As you hold the collar in your hands, you’ll be captivated by the mesmerizing sparkle emanating from the carefully selected materials. Made to measure, this exquisite accessory ensures a perfect fit for your beloved companion, adding a touch of sophistication to their unique charm.

Designed for those with discerning taste, the Illusion Collar speaks volumes about your cat’s individuality and your penchant for luxury. The intertwining strands create a visual masterpiece that perfectly complements your pet’s regal aura.

Whether your cat is lounging by the window or playfully exploring their surroundings, this collar will catch the light, casting a radiant glow that mirrors their inner beauty. A true masterpiece that transcends mere jewellery, the Floating Illusion Collar for Naked Cats is a statement piece that harmonizes with your cat’s aura, making them the star of every interaction.

Embrace the ethereal allure of our Floating Illusion Collar for Naked Cats and treat your feline companion to the luxury they deserve. Watch as they exude confidence and grace while wearing this exquisite accessory, turning every head and commanding attention wherever they go. Elevate your cat’s style to new heights with this enchanting collar that sets them apart as a cat of unparalleled elegance and sophistication.

Comes with our signature magnetic clasp for your cat’s safety.

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