Stunning and Original Rhinestone Collar 20mm


If you want your feline friend to strut in style, check out our Rhinestone Collar, crafted with soft webbing in various colours

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Imagine your furry friend strutting through the park, their collar catching the last rays of the setting sun, creating a dazzling display of sparkles. Our Stunning and Original Rhinestone Collar, meticulously crafted with a 20mm rhinestone centrepiece, is the epitome of elegance and charm. The soft webbing in a variety of colours including black, pink, red, grey, bright yellow, and gold, not only offers comfort but also serves as a perfect backdrop for the rhinestones to shine.

As your pet frolics around, the rhinestone collar dances with every movement, effortlessly catching the light and drawing admiration from onlookers. Whether it’s a leisurely walk around the neighborhood or a playful day at the dog park, this Rhinestone Collar adds a touch of glamour to every moment. The combination of the sparkling rhinestones and the vibrant hues of the soft webbing is a true feast for the eyes, a symphony of colours and lights.

Picture your beloved companion sporting this exquisite Rhinestone Collar, radiating confidence and style with each step they take. The rhinestones, meticulously set into the collar, lend a sense of sophistication and luxury, making it a must-have accessory for any fashion-forward pet. The versatility of colour and pattern options allows you to choose the perfect one that complements your pet’s unique personality and fur colour.

Not just a collar, but a statement piece that speaks volumes about your pet’s personality and your impeccable taste. Let your pet bask in the admiration and attention they rightfully deserve with our Stunning and Original Rhinestone Collar, a dazzling accessory that elevates every moment into a sparkling spectacle.

Add a touch of glamour, a dash of shimmer, and a sprinkle of elegance to your pet’s daily adventures with this extraordinary collar – because they deserve nothing but the best.

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