New Zealand Woolly Flyer Cat Toy


Woolly Flyer Cat Toy, the purrfect playtime companion for your feline friend. Made from luxurious & soft  New Zealand lambskins

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Our New Zealand Woolly Flyer Cat Toy, the purr-fect playtime companion for your feline friend. Made from luxurious New Zealand lambswool, this cat teaser will provide endless entertainment and engagement for your furry companion.

The Woolly Flyer  has an interactive design is sure to capture your cat’s attention and ignite their natural hunting instincts. With feathers serving as wings and tail, this toy creates an enticing and realistic flying motion that mimics birds in flight. Watch as your cat leaps and pounces, fully engrossed in the chase.

Crafted from the finest lambswool, the Woolly Flyer offers a soft and gentle texture that your cat will love to sink their claws into. The fluffy material adds an extra layer of appeal, providing a sensory experience that is both stimulating and comforting for your beloved pet. Each Flyer is stuffed with homegrown organic catnip, dried especially for each order.

Not only is the Woolly Flyer a source of fun for your cat, but it also promotes exercise and agility. With each leap and swat, your cat will be on their way to a healthier lifestyle. Engaging in interactive play can help alleviate boredom, reduce stress, and strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

Designed with both cats and owners in mind, the New Zealand Woolly Flyer sturdy construction ensures durability even during the most energetic play sessions. The lightweight design allows for easy handling, making it the ideal toy for both kittens and adult cats.

Take playtime to new heights with our Woolly Flyer. Watch as your cat’s natural instincts take flight, bringing joy and excitement into their everyday life. Give them the gift of excitement and engagement with this perfect blend of luxury and interactive play.

Colour is chosen at random depending on what wool I have available.