Mealy Bug Cat Toy with Extra Bug


The Mealy Bug Cat Toy, the purr-fectly playful companion for your feline friend! Designed to capture your cat’s curiosity.

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The Mealy Bug Cat Toy, named for the bugs small size and resembling those pesky insects in the pantry, is the purr-fect toy for your feline friend! Designed to capture your cat’s curiosity, this interactive toy is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment.

Crafted in the shape of bugs with wings, this cat toy mimics the natural prey that cats love to chase, such as mealy bugs and other insects. Watch as your kitten pounces, swats, and bats at these realistic bug toys, engaging their natural hunting instincts.

Featuring a Mealy Bug attached to a wand, this interactive toy allows you to easily interact and bond with your cat. Simply wave the wand, and the bug-shaped toys with wings will flutter, simulating the movement of real insects. This will fully engage your feline friend’s attention, keeping them entertained and active.

Not only is this bug-shaped cat toy a source of amusement for your cat, but it also provides mental and physical exercise. By promoting play, this toy helps keep your cat agile and stimulated, reducing the possibility of boredom-related behaviours.

Our Mealy Bug Cat Toy with Extra Bug is made from safe and durable materials, ensuring it can withstand even the most exuberant play sessions. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to hold, enabling you to effortlessly manoeuvre the bug toys to entice your cat.

Incorporate this bug-shaped cat toy into your cat’s playtime routine and watch as they pounce, swipe, and play away!

Order your on Mealy Bug Cat Toy with Extra Bug today and give your furry friend a toy they’ll love and cherish and keep those pesky insects where they should be…away from the pantry!