Soaring Rain Moth with Emu Feathers


Soaring Rain Moth Toy, handmade in Australia with emu feathers, a wood bead, bell, and a wooden wand perfect for endless play sessions.

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In the heart of the Australian bushlands, where the sun meets the horizon in a vibrant dance every evening, lies a quaint workshop where magic is crafted into reality. Here, amidst the eucalyptus trees and the whispers of the wild, the Soaring Rain Moth Toy takes shape. This enchanting teaser toy is more than just a plaything – it’s a glimpse into the essence of Australia itself.

Imagine your feline companion pouncing playfully as the soft emu feathers, sourced from the majestic Australian bird, flutter in the air like gentle whispers of the outback. Attached to a wooden wand with a delicate wire trace, adorned with a bell that chimes with each movement, the toy becomes an extension of the untamed beauty of the land down under.

Each wood bead carefully chosen, each feather meticulously placed – the craftsmanship behind the Rain Soaring Moth Toy is a testament to the artistry and dedication of Australian artisans. As your cat engages with this uniquely Australian creation, they are transported to a realm where the spirit of the wilderness meets the comfort of home.

Let your furry friend explore the wonders of the Australian landscape through play, their curiosity ignited by the scent of adventure that lingers within each feather. Watch as they leap and swat, their eyes reflecting the untamed spirit of the Outback. The Soaring Rain Moth Toy is not just a toy; it’s a window to a world where imagination knows no bounds and the connection between pet and nature is celebrated.

So, as you introduce the Soaring Rain Moth Toy into your pet’s playtime routine, remember that you are bringing a piece of Australia into your home. Embrace the magic, feel the joy, and let the spirit of the wild soar within your cat’s playful moments. A touch of the outback, a hint of adventure – all encapsulated within this exquisite creation.

The Soaring Moth comes completely with a wand and soft wire for flexibility.