Woolly Mouse


Picture a playful kitten, filled with curiosity and energy. Now, imagine the joy in its eyes as it pounces on a delightful woolly mouse

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With the woolly mouse cat toy, your feline friend is in for a purr-fect playtime experience.

Crafted especially for kittens and adult cats, this toy is made from soft lambskin, ensuring a gentle touch for your pet’s sensitive paws. The adorable design features charming pink ears that add a pop of colour to captivate your cat’s attention.

Watch as your playful companion pounces and swats at the woolly mouse, engaging their natural hunting instincts and providing hours of entertainment.

The leather tail adds an element of realism, making this toy not only fun but also engaging for your cat’s cognitive development.

Designed to withstand enthusiastic play, the woolly mouse is durable and long-lasting, making it a great investment for your pet’s enjoyment. Whether your cat loves to bat, chase, or cuddle their toys, this versatile cat toy is sure to be a favorite in their play collection. The combination of textures, from the soft lambskin body to the smooth leather tail, provides sensory stimulation that keeps your cat engaged and happy.

Give your kitten the gift of interactive fun with the woolly mouse cat toy, a must-have for every cat household. Treat your furry companion to a whimsical playtime experience that stimulates their senses and encourages active play. Indulge your pet in the softness of lambskin and the excitement of a lifelike toy with charming pink ears. Elevate your cat’s playtime to a whole new level with this enchanting woolly mouse cat toy that promises endless entertainment and joy.